Employee Health and Wellbeing

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Employee Health and Wellbeing

  • The health of your people is the health of your business

    Health and wellbeing

    As the specialist Health Services division of AXA PPP healthcare, we recognise the growing importance of employee health and wellbeing on the company agenda. Whether it is about supporting employee engagement or managing productivity and absence, we have created a contemporary range of attractive services all focused on delivering better health outcomes. Here’s how:

    • We constantly challenge the status quo, using the latest expertise, innovation and technologies to deliver carefully targeted health services.
    • We engage your employees fully, driving behaviour changes and reducing health risks.
    • We carefully tailor our services to your business’s individual needs, no matter what industry sector you are in.
    • Most importantly, we robustly measure the effectiveness of our programmes. We agree a range of qualitative and quantitative measures with you at the start, so that together we can monitor and review how your employees use and benefit from our services.

    For more information on AXA PPP healthcare and what we offer, please visit our private medical insurance pages.

    • Employee Assistance Programmes and Psychological Health

      Our carefully tailored programmes can help you:

      • Improve employee performance and productivity
      • Reduce absenteeism
      • Meet your statutory duty of care for your employees and avoid litigation


    • Occupational Health and rehabilitation services

      We'll help you to:

      • Identify and manage risk related to health in the workplace
      • Identify and advise on how to manage the health of your employees in the workplace.


    • Proactive Health

      Modern working is having an impact on our everyday health, Proactive Health enables employers do more to inspire wellbeing and build a sustainable health culture.

    • Insight for Large Employers

      A quick look at the key employee health and wellbeing issues facing large employers now. Including:

      • Changes to state-funded healthcare
      • An older workforce with more long-term health issues
      • The growing impact of technology
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