The online private GP service for your employees


Imagine your employees not having to call to book a GP appointment, or travel to a surgery. Now your people can access a GP service wherever and whenever they want to.

With our Doctor@Hand service, delivered by Doctor Care Anywhere, everything they need is in one place, from booking appointments and seeing a GP when it suits; to having a specialist referral sent straight to our Fast Track Appointments team. All at a time and place that suits either their work or home commitments.

Doctor@Hand is included as part of Advance, our corporate health insurance, or as a standalone purchase.

How it works

24/7 access anytime, anywhere

Doctor@Hand is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week1, 365 days a year, so they’ll always be able to fit appointments in for your employees, even outside regular GP hours. Appointments are 20 minutes long, giving plenty of time to talk about health concerns.

GP to specialist
From the GP to the specialist

Rest assured, whichever doctor they speak to will be highly experienced and registered with the General Medical Council. They’ll be able to diagnose their condition and recommend treatment. If they need to be referred to a specialist the GP will email their referral letter directly to our team, who will do the rest. 

Medical records at a touch
Medical records at a touch

If your employee needs a reminder of their conversation with the doctor, a copy of their notes is uploaded directly to their patient record. Full medical notes can even be provided to their NHS GP to make sure that everyone is kept fully in the picture.

Home or abroad
Home or abroad

Whether they’re on holiday or abroad for work, your employees can get the advice, reassurance and the medicine they need to feel better.2

Health tracking
Health tracking

Symptoms, conditions and lifestyle factors can be monitored and tracked with Doctor@Hand. Your employees can also set up medication reminders and share their findings with their Doctor@Hand GP should they wish to.

Doctor-patient confidentiality

Doctor-patient confidentiality is as protected as any face-to-face consultation is. Your business will be given overall usage reports but no personal details.

"With the introdution of Doctor@Hand, Universal Music UK saw an 18% year to date decrease in absences for medical appointments compared to the same period last year" 

Andrea Giacomazzi, Universal Music Compensation and Benefits Director

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1 Subject to appointment availability.

2 Prescriptions can be restricted in the USA and sanctioned countries but Doctor Care Anywhere GPs will always advise on other alternatives to delivery