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A health strategy with year-round support

Creating a health and wellbeing strategy that resonates with your employees and sticks is no mean feat.  It’s why the 2019 calendar is packed with campaigns and promotional material to support you. Align your wellbeing strategy with these events and you’ll be well on your way to engagement that lasts well beyond New Year.

Campaigns tailored by you

Supercharge your campaigns and create tailored, co-branded communications. You’ll engage your employees in their health, and successfully signpost them to your available products and services.

Events and Webinars

CIPD Annual Conference & Exhibition 2018

Let’s create wellbeing that improves motivation & engagement and attracts new talent. Join us November 7 and 8 at CIPD Annual.

Caring for carers
Caring for carers – rising to the challenge

We take a look at the growing trend of employees taking on caring responsibilities and how this can impact them and your business.

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