Private healthcare cover for British Universities and Colleges

Private health insurance offer for British Universities and Colleges employees

Save 20% on your private healthcare plan*

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At AXA PPP healthcare, we’ve been providing private healthcare cover to our members for nearly 80 years. Our British Universities and Colleges Personal Health plan offers all university and college employees access to private healthcare with a 20% saving*. 

What is private healthcare cover?

Private healthcare cover, gives you fast access to eligible health treatment when you need it. From seeing a medical specialist for a prompt diagnosis, to being treated in the comfort of a private hospital, we’re there to look after your health and wellbeing. 

How does it work?

Private healthcare cover offers you all the benefits of private healthcare, without the worry of how to pay for it. That means you can put all your energy into getting better, knowing that side of things is taken care of.

What's covered?

Our Personal Health plan offers flexible cover tailored to your budget.

Benefits include:

  • Cover for hospital fees, including operating-theatre costs; nursing care; drugs and dressings; specialist fees; consultations; diagnostic tests; CT, MRI and PET scans at a scanning centre or hospital from our Directory of Hospitals; physiotherapy with the day and in-patient option.
  • 24/7 telephone support from medical professionals, including councellors, and pediatric specialists
  • Extended children’s cover
  • Convenient appointment times, choose where and when you’d like to be treated from our extensive Directory of Hospitals.
  • Complimentary to the NHS, if the NHS cannot provide treatment within 6 weeks of when it is needed you are covered to have the treatment privately.
  • Cashback when you have in-patient treatment free with the NHS.
  • Access the latest licensed chemotherapy drugs on specialist referral
  • 50% off annual PureGym membership** + other member discounts and benefits

Optional Extras:

  • Dentist and Optician Cashback
  • Therapies option
  • Mental Health option
  • Out-patient options
  • Extended Cover

What's not covered?

What’s not covered?

Our Personal Health plan covers eligible treatment of medical conditions that arise after you join. Like all insurance plans there are some things which are not covered. These include:

  • Treatment of medical conditions you had, or had symptoms of before you joined.
  • Treatment of ongoing, recurrent and long-term conditions (chronic conditions);
  • Pregnancy and childbirth.

Please ensure you check what you are covered for before purchasing your healthcare plan.

Call us on 0800 0321 950 to get a quote now

Terms and conditions

  • Terms and conditions apply offer limited to customers who are not, and have not in the last three months, been a member of any individual or corporate plan policy or trust scheme, underwritten or administered by AXA PPP healthcare Limited or AXA PPP healthcare Administration Services Limited. With the exception of existing British University related policies.
    Offer is non-transferable with no cash alternative. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, apart from our 5% discount for paying annually.
    The 20% lower premium is for the first year’s subscription only. Subsequent year’s subscriptions may vary and will be impacted by any claims. The 20% lower premium is offered through a 3 year No Claims Discount boost, with 76% No Claims Discount start point rather than the standard 70%.
    Offer may be withdrawn at any time.
    **Full terms and conditions of PureGym offer can be found at: