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Younger together engagement resources

Once you’ve joined the ambition it’s important to inspire and engage your workforce, both at launch and beyond. We’ll regularly add more resources here to help you in doing this.

To help you get started we’ve created a step by step guide, packed with ideas and suggestions to help you launch your Years Younger campaign and reach your goal.

Launch resources

Use these resources across your channels to help you launch your Years Younger ambition and inspire your people to get involved.

Campaign logos

Younger Together logo_B&W.jpg

Younger Together logo_colour.jpg
  • Use the campaign logo to help you tie your message into all of your health and wellbeing activity, on your intranet or in your newsletters for example. You could use it in place of a health and wellbeing logo or as well as if you already have one. There are two versions for you to choose from – a colour version and a black and white one.
  • You can also upload this to YourHQ and add it to all of the latest Health and Wellbeing Calendar posters and factsheets, helping you to remind employees that any step they take to being a bit healthier is all adding up to your target.
  • You’ll notice that the logo incorporates a social media Hashtag. Encourage employees to share their progress or ideas for getting healthy on social media with the hashtag #YoungerTogether

Second engagement campaign

A few months after launch re-energise your Years Younger ambition with the ‘Little Things’ campaign. This takes a light hearted look at the little things people can do to introduce healthy habits into their every day routines.

Brochure iconv3.png

Daisy’s broken her chains poster

Brochure iconv3.png

William conquers it poster

Brochure iconv3.png

Hugh took the dogs out poster

Brochure iconv3.png

Sugar free Leigh poster

Brochure iconv3.png

Not so sleepy Jean poster

Brochure iconv3.png

Doug up his allotment poster