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Why Occupational health matters

    • Time to take a fresh look at occupational health

      Occupational health matters

      New legislation, challenges faced by the NHS, and changes in employees’ attitudes mean an occupational health strategy is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s now essential to put in place services, controls and measures that meets the needs of your business, managers and employees.

      Doing this demands a breadth of expertise that is beyond the reach of most organisations to deliver in-house. That’s why, at AXA PPP healthcare, we’ve taken a fresh look at occupational health and developed a range of contemporary solutions that deliver the services you need.

      Why look at occupational health?

      • Many businesses are understanding more about their social responsibility to their employees and going beyond basic risk management.
      • The incidence of chronic diseases, musculoskeletal disorders and psychological illness are all increasing. As well as affecting absence rates, this is also seeing an increase in the number of employees who report for work but are even then unable to give 100% to their work.
      • As medicine advances, people are living and working with health conditions for longer, meaning significant changes for your workforce over time, with more employees needing support with long-term conditions for longer.
      • The state is set to provide less support and it’s employers who are increasingly being asked to fill in the gaps.
      • The workforce is ageing and that means an inevitable increase in the number of people needing support for ongoing health conditions.
      • Employees’ attitudes are changing too. Increasingly, employees expect more support from their employers. And they are also more willing to use litigation if they don’t feel that they’ve been supported appropriately.
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