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Occupational health services

  • With our range of occupational health services we can create a complete solution or complement your existing services in key areas.

    • A new approach to management advice that provides certainty

      A new approach

      At the heart of our services is our contemporary approach to management advice. We offer a simple, modern service delivery and a new standard of information that helps you and your managers make business decisions. It provides certainty, clear advice and a precise indication of return to work timings.

      What’s different is the way we combine clinical data with clinical opinion by bringing together data, technology, services and expertise. This means we can provide management advice that helps you and your managers make informed business decisions. We also consider psychological and social factors because it’s these that often hold the key to the real story in any situation.

      Case management

      If a health assessment highlights health issues, we can assign an occupational health case manager as a single point of contact to support your employee throughout their recovery and rehabilitation process. Our case managers offer varying degrees of contact depending on what you need – from a light touch to a closer and more proactive approach.

      If you have other healthcare providers, insurers or business stakeholders, the case manager will co-ordinate the response to the employee’s needs to resolve any issues.

      Health surveillance

      Our occupational health experts can help you assess your health risks and health hazards to make sure you meet your legal and regulatory responsibilities. We work with businesses from almost all sectors and have extensive knowledge of legal obligations and best practice across different industries.

      New starter health assessment

      We go further than standard assessments of health and use sophisticated calculations to look at the health of new employees in depth. This approach gives us a fuller picture that we can use to predict the risk of ill health and related absence in the future.

      Our online health assessment can be adjusted according to the type of job, and uses unique evidence-based technology to predict future risks.

      We then provide guidance so that you can address health concerns to help ensure the employee remains productive during their employment with you.

      Health and safety assessments

      We carry out all types of health and safety assessments, including risk assessments, specialist surveys and specific role analysis. We can also provide telephone helplines, bespoke briefings, training sessions, and management control systems.

      Ergonomic solutions

      We provide two types of ergonomic assessments. Our individual assessment evaluates an employee’s ability to perform their role, health issues and job demands. Our system assessment looks at wider systems and practices so that we can provide guidance on productivity issues, workplace redesign, equipment procurement and health risks in larger employee groups.

      Absence management

      Our expert occupational health clinicians and healthcare consultants can create or refocus your absence policies and overall strategy for reporting and analysis, making sure they complement any interventions or processes you already have in place.

      We will ensure absence reporting and referral triggers complement the interventions you have in place, such as occupational health services or an Employee Assistance Programme.

      With our knowledge of HR and absence management systems, we can adapt our work to fit around your current processes or advise you on your options if you need to implement a system.

      Employee wellbeing
      Assembly line

      Our online portal, the Employee Health Gateway, enables you to make preventative health just as integral to occupational health as the traditional regulatory, diagnostic and treatment elements.

      The Employee Health Gateway is packed with tools focusing on individual employee health behaviour and is available online and on smart devices. It’s designed to understand and manage personal health behaviour by addressing the five key factors affecting wellbeing: health, fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset.

      We have also teamed up with health and fitness experts Nuffield Health to offer a range of health and wellbeing assessments designed to help employees gain a deeper understanding of their personal health.

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