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Case Study

    • Case study: Alex

      Case study

      Alex works as a salesperson in a logistics business, and was recently referred to us by his manager after his GP diagnosed him with depression.

      Our assessment

      Within a few days, we had made an appointment with Alex and carried out our assessment.

      We found that Alex had been suffering with increasing symptoms over the last few months, including low mood, difficulty concentrating and anxiety about making decisions. Recent bereavements had made the situation worse. We also found that Alex had faced similar symptoms in the past that had been resolved after a few months of treatment.

      Alex also expressed some concerns about whether his role in sales was right for him in the long term.

      Providing certainty

      We concluded that Alex could be expected to be absent from work for 28 to 42 days, but his return to work was likely to be dependent on his getting counselling.


      Because we had explored Alex’s history during our assessment, we were able to explain that Alex’s long-term return to work would depend on his decisions over his future in sales. However, we had advised Alex that he was not well enough to make this kind of decision at the moment and should wait until he was better.

      We also arranged to do a follow-up consultation three weeks later to provide more insight when Alex would be further into his recovery.

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