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      Businesses that already understand the value of private healthcare still only cover around 20% of their workforce in our experience. This leaves a significant proportion of your employees without the support and protection they need – and relying on stretched health services.

      We’ve used all our experience, knowledge and expertise to create a new solution that makes it affordable and cost-effective for you to support and protect more employees.

      The result is a new way of tackling the big issues in employee health.

      • AccessHEALTH focuses on the four big health themes affecting corporate employee health: Mental Health, Musculoskeletal, Lifestyle and access to GP services. Because they’re where employees need most support and where you can achieve the greatest return on your investment in healthcare.
      • AccessHEALTH provides easy, direct access to expert healthcare without the wait, and engages people in their own wellbeing. Combining the best of digital service delivery with face-to-face health services when they’re really needed.
      • AccessHEALTH makes it affordable for you to support and protect more of your employees. With a simple pricing structure, no medical underwriting and easy set up, it’s also very easy to implement.
      • AccessHEALTH provides a very visible benefit that your employees will really value.

      Please note AccessHEALTH focuses on prevention and early intervention for key risks. AccessHEALTH is not private healthcare insurance, which covers the cost of treatment for a broad range of medical conditions.

      For more information download the AccessHEALTH brochure

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