Ted Talk Thought Leader Eduardo Briceno opens the AXA Growth Leaders Series on 21 March

11 March 2019

Book now and learn how adopting a ‘growth mindset’ and investing in health is essential for businesses growth in 2020

London, 11th March – Respected TED Talk speaker Eduardo Briceño will open The AXA Growth Leaders Series – a new programme of speaker and panel events created with the highly exclusive scale up CEO founder network The Supper Club – to help businesses grow and prosper in 2020 and beyond.

The series launches on Thursday 21 March 2019 with a keynote from Briceño, who co-founded Mindset Works with Carol Dweck. Dweck established the concept of a ‘growth mindset’ in her 2006 book ‘Mindset’, sparking a progressive new movement in leadership and the way we work.

Eduardo Briceño will share at the event:

  • How adopting a growth mindset promotes faster business growth, performance and productivity
  • How investing in your own – and supporting your employees’ – health and wellbeing can help build a more resilient team and business

Eduardo Briceño comments: “I’m excited to talk to such a powerful group representing the UK’s most progressive and successful CEO founders.  I hope to show business leaders obsessed with driving fast growth, how adopting a growth mindset and investing in the health of themselves and their staff, are two of the critical things they can do in 2019 to affect their business’ performance in 2020 and beyond.”

Briceño will also share his insights on the following topics as well as taking open questions from the floor at the event:

Which businesses he believes stand out as the ‘growth mindset’ role models of the last decade

  • Which leaders in business, government and entertainment he identifies as  growth mindset role models of the last 100 years
  • What the UK could learn about growth mindset best practice from other countries around the world
  • What he would tell a leader having a bad day today to do tomorrow to benefit from  the growth mindset approach

Briceño will be joined by a collection of leading business founders, who will add their insights on how to lead with a growth mindset, including John Stapleton, Co-founder, New Covent Garden Soup Company, Edwina Dunn, CEO, Starcount and Adam Ludwin, Chief Visionary Officer, Captify.

The March event kicks off a series of three with each featuring a renowned keynote speaker. Dates – and the themes explored – are:  

- Making Wellbeing Work, 04 June 2019 

- Leading the Future Workforce, 10 July  2019

To sign-up for tickets and a host of informative content, please visit: www.thesupperclub.com/events/AXA-Growth-Leader-Series-The-Future-of-Leadership  

For more information, or to reserve a ticket for the event please contact:

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