Employee self paid private healthcare for your clients

Together, we can help your clients achieve more

Designed to give your clients employees reassurance, we offer a flexible and affordable private healthcare plan at no extra cost to them. Your clients can offer employees quick access to eligible health treatment from seeing a specialist for diagnosis, to receiving the best care during a stay in hospital.

These, plus flexible appointment times and a large choice of private hospitals, are just some of the benefits that your clients members can utilise by having private healthcare cover, helping to keep them in good health and in work.

Employee self paid private healthcare cover explained

Your clients members will benefit from our employee self paid private healthcare scheme as this offers the benefit of private healthcare cover to all employees of a business, when a company-funded healthcare scheme is not availanle, or limited to a specific number of employees. 

One of the key benefits of private healthcare cover is the convenience. Upon referral from their GP, employees can choose who they want to see, where and when from a list of approved specialists and hospitals. This flexibility can help minimise the time employees spend out of the office.

What types of employee self paid healthcare plans are available?

We offer two ways of funding voluntary private healthcare plans: 

Individual direct debit plans: employees set up their own individual healthcare plans with us and pay us for them directly. All the plan set-up and running is done by us. This is an individual contract of insurance between the member and AXA PPP healthcare.

Company salary-deduct plans: these are run in a similar way to our corporate healthcare plans whereby the employer set up and manages the plan. Employees pay for their healthcare plan out of their own salary via your payroll system. This is a group contract of insurance between the company and AXA PPP healthcare.

In either case, you will get the support you need from us for any marketing activity to drive awareness within your business. Call us today on 01892 505796 to find out more. Alternatively, arrange a call back and on of our team will call you back.