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Flexible business health insurance

Investing for the future while managing your bottom line. It’s what makes you good at business. That’s why our flexible healthcare cover is designed to make both your heart and your head happy. As well as choosing the options you need, here are some other budget-friendly ways you can manage your plan. 

Ways to lower your costs

Here are some other ways you can look after your employees while still keeping an eye on your bottom line.

  • Pay up-front – save 5% by paying your subscription yearly instead of monthly.
  • Select the six-week option – save up to 20% and still get your people back to work quickly. Use the NHS if it can provide inpatient treatment, day-patient treatment, cancer treatment (including radiotherapy and chemotherapy) or surgery within six weeks of the date that treatment should take place. Otherwise, go privately.
  • Fix your subscription for two years – know exactly how much you’ll be investing in each employee over the next two years (tax changes still apply).
  • Choose an excess – reduce your annual subscription with an excess of for example £100, £250 or £500 per employee.
  • Pay less for using specialists that we’ve sourced – our Fast Track Appointments team will recommend up to three specialists and book an appointment to suit your employee (this ‘guided’ option is not available with Extended Cover).

Choose your underwriting options

You can also decide how you’ll cover your employees for any conditions they might have before they join us.  The underwriting you go for will affect the cost of your plan in different ways, depending on the options you’ve chosen.

  • Fully underwritten
    Your employees get the private healthcare cover that means so much to them, but pre-existing medical conditions aren’t covered.
  • Two-year moratorium
    We’ll cover any pre-existing medical conditions your employees have after two years of cover, as long as they have been completely free from advice, treatment or a special diet for twelve consecutive months after joining.  We’ll also take care of any new health concerns that begin while they are with us too.
  • Continuing medical exclusions
    If you’re coming from another provider, you can ‘lift and shift’ any underwriting you had with your previous health insurer across to your new plan. The terms and conditions for your new plan will apply.
  • Medical history disregarded
    We cover your hard-working employees for pre-existing medical conditions, subject to your membership terms. Available if you’re looking to cover 15 employees or more.

More managing costs information

Healthcare cover and tax relief

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Helping you grow your business

The smooth running of your business is linked to the health of your people. Discover how small business health insurance can help you grow.

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