Working in a family business

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1 January 2018


When your work in a family business, there's even more reason to put health first

Family businesses are special places.You’re there for each other come rain or shine – sharing every success, and the disappointments too.

But working in a family business brings its own pressures. Because it’s not just at home where you count on each other. If someone falls ill, you have the double worry of their health and your livelihood.

With our healthcare membership, taking care of the family means taking care of business

A family illness is stressful enough in any situation. But when you live and work with the person who’s sick, you have to do even more to keep things ticking over both at home and in your business.

At AXA PPP healthcare we’ll help look after your health, so that you can get on with looking after your business. We make it easy for you to get the healthcare you need so that you don’t have to ignore your health in the face of everything else you have to do.

And we’re not just here for when you need surgery or a trip to the hospital – we’re here for those everyday health worries too.

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Private health cover

We provide business healthcare cover for 1 to 249 employees. Our plans are built around the needs of you and your business.


Tackle aches and pains before they keep you away from work

Take our Working Body service. It’s designed to make it really easy to get expert physiotherapy advice as soon as our members need it – before aches and pains get so bad they keep you away from work. Just one quick call to us and you can talk to a fully-qualified physiotherapist for help and guidance.

Get expert health guidance whenever you need it

With so much health advice out there, it can be hard knowing which information to trust. The medical team at our Health at Hand information line includes nurses, counsellors, midwives and pharmacists. They’re ready to help whether you want to find out about a specific health worry or medication in a crisis, or if you simply need a little reassurance.

Take care of all the family

You can add younger members of the family to your membership so that you know you’ve done all you can to look after their health too.

Get the right medical expertise as soon as you need it

With AXA PPP healthcare, you can choose a plan that’s as unique as your business. A plan that’s ready to fast-track you and your family to expert medical treatment – supporting you and your family back to health and back to work as quickly as possible.

To help you decide on whether you should or shouldn’t choose your career in the family business, or bring a relative into the business we have developed this handy quiz


Small business health insurance experts

Start taking care of yourself and your team today and get a quote for our business health insurance. Or, talk to us about how we can help your business reach their wellbeing goals.