Imposter syndrome at work

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24 August 2018

Ever been dogged by self-doubt at work? Fearful of being exposed as a fraud, inadequate or a failure despite evidence proving the opposite?

You’re not alone. 

Many of us experience a feeling of being an imposter at work – downplaying our abilities with a sense that we’re not quite good enough. Indeed, one in five SME owners we asked said they suffer from Imposter Syndrome – and nearly half of those affected are convinced someone else could run their business better. Three out of 10 employees are affected too*.

While it’s inevitable to have that voice of self-doubt interrupting your decision making from time to time, negative internal talk can give rise to a heightened sense of fear that can stifle your chances of progress and business success. 

To help bosses and employees crack their crisis of confidence, leading psychologist Dr Mark Winwood encourages them to think TRUE – Talk, Remind, Use the evidence and Evaluate successes – and he’s published a four-part podcast series to delve deeper.

Covering each of the TRUE actions, Mark speaks with four entrepreneurs about their experience of Imposter Syndrome and explores how Talk, Remind, Use and Evaluate can help in curbing fraudulent feelings. 

The TRUE podcast series has been created to help not only those experiencing Imposter Syndrome, but for managers wanting to support and nurture employees who may be affected. 

Click here to download the True Tool.

Or listen to the podcasts now:  

Sources and References

*Research of 1000 working people (500 SME owners and 500 employees) undertaken July 2018 by Vitreous World on behalf of AXA PPP healthcare.

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