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Enrico tells us why he was motivated to create a healthy workspace business

With a background in hospitality and finance, CEO and Co-founder of flexible workspace business Fora, Enrico Sanna, wanted to redefine the way people work by designing workspace with workers’ needs at its core.

What inspired you to start your business?

The idea for Fora stemmed from a combination of relationships, insights, discussions and experiences. After working in hospitality for Deutsche Bank, I recognised that co-working (shared office space) was becoming more popular. Yet, to my mind, many workspaces were boring, dull, lifeless places to work in.

I create workspaces where there’s energy and buzz. We’ve restaurants, cafes and wellbeing areas, meaning people are able to work in engaging and productive environments.

When you think about it, the workplace hasn’t really changed in more than 100 years. We still sit in rows like we did in the industrial revolution! I don’t feel this is a healthy or productive environment for workers.

We opened our first flexible office space in Clerkenwell, London to residents in early 2017. Fora spaces are designed on the principles of putting health and wellness at the centre of design and construction decisions and we’ve new locations planned for the coming months too.

How do you stay healthy while running a business?

It’s important that I find time to exercise almost every day — from long walks in the woods all the way to running 10 miles on a Sunday morning. I think about my health in a very positive way – it’s not only important to be healthy, it’s also about feeling good. Exercise lifts my mood – and you can always tell when I’ve just had a workout!

I am conscious of what I put into my body, but I don’t restrict myself too much. I think it’s also vital we remain conscious about our stress management — we are only just scratching the surface about how stress affects our wellbeing. The Fora spaces allow my residents, my employees, and me to experience a diverse and energising work environment. This is important for workers, both physically and mentally.

How do you implement your passion for health into employee wellbeing?

People shouldn’t ask for a desk, they should ask for a workspace. A workspace is a variety of areas you can work from that have completely different settings to support what you’re doing. This approach is better for your physical wellbeing and technology frees us from being chained to our desks.

In every single Fora space, we have a wellbeing room, which can help our residents if they want to do a short workout during the day. We have personal trainers and yoga teachers who offer lessons that fit around the working day.

Wellbeing at work

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