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1 January 2018

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Private health cover

We provide business healthcare cover for 1 to 249 employees. Our plans are built around the needs of you and your business.


Where should you invest?

When you’re working out where to invest in your business, it’s always worth thinking about the two things no business could do without: you and your staff.

With one of our plans, for the price of one month’s worth of post-it notes or your regular morning coffee, you can swiftly access expert health treatment and services, when you need them.

You and your people need to be working, meeting deadlines and completing jobs to ensure cash is coming into the business, because the bills don’t stop just because you do.

The costs when someone's ill

When you factor in all the costs you could face if you or one of your employees isn’t able to work, the figures start to add up.

For example, how many orders might you lose if you’re not around to complete them?

What would it cost you to cover someone who’s off work waiting for treatment or an appointment? How disruptive would it be to your business, if you had to travel a long way for treatment?

You've done the hard bit

You’ve done the hard bit, raising the capital to give your business the injection it needs, don’t let ill health stop you from maximizing the return on investment you deserve.

And if investing in your business means growing your workforce, ensure their health is looked after too.

Taking care of cash flow

Some businesses set aside a certain amount each month to pay for private treatment for themselves and their employees when needed. But when you consider some of the costs for private treatment, in many cases this anticipated amount is simply not enough.

Small business health insurance experts

Start taking care of yourself and your team today and get a quote for our business health insurance. Or, talk to us about how we can help your business reach their wellbeing goals.