Anger management at work

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1 January 2018

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Feeling angry from time to time is normal; it’s a natural emotion experience when you feel hurt, frustrated or rejected. Yet it’s also a powerful emotion and unless managed properly it can have a negative effect on your family, your wellbeing, and your business.

Anger can be caused by a variety of situations, such as other people, personal issues or financial problems. Work and the pressures associated with owning your own business can also be a major factor.

The important thing when managing your anger is to ‘own’ your own feelings. People or events cannot ‘make’ you angry. Believe it or not you have a choice in how you respond. By having an awareness of your choices you can make a step towards taking control of your behaviour.

If you feel yourself getting angry

  • Remove yourself from the situation
  • Take some deep breaths and continue until you feel more relaxed
  • Ask yourself what is at the core of your anger and the best way to deal with it
  • Think about burning off the excess energy by going for a run or taking part in sport.

Express yourself clearly

The majority of issues faced in life involve other people, yet expressing yourself is not always easy and straightforward, particularly in the workplace or if you have a team of staff to manage.

You can sometimes say things you might later regret, however to be understood it is important to express yourself without losing your composure. It’s worth taking some time out to think about that you are going to say and how you are going to say it beforehand. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, you could adopt the following techniques:

  • Take ownership of your emotions and avoid blame
  • Say what you mean and don’t presume that others automatically know how you feel
  • Focus on the here and now and not previous events. Deal with other issues separately
  • Know what you want to achieve but be flexible about how to go about it
  • Listen to the other person
  • Accept that people are different and that your opinions may sometimes differ

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