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Building a business takes hard work, dedication and focus. But you also need to stay healthy or build a healthy and productive team to support you, because people are the foundation of your success.

We provide healthcare cover for businesses with 1 to 249 employees. Our employee health insurance plans are built around the needs of you and your business.

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Small business health insurance

We understand that your people are the foundations of your success. That’s why we’re here for them when they need us most, supporting them with healthcare cover that’s built around their needs – and yours. From talking to business owners, we know that value for money matters. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to construct a plan that gives you what you need for your budget – without compromising quality of service, convenience and support.

A GP service built around your business

Doctor@Hand, our 24/7 online GP service, makes it easy for your team to fit an appointment around home and work commitments. They’ll have 20-minute appointments so they have the time they need to talk about their health concerns. Doctor@Hand is delivered by Doctor Care Anywhere.

Inspiring your team to live healthier

The more you and your team know about your health, the better decisions you can make to live the life you want. A better understanding of your health starts with access to blood marker analysis from our healthcare experts and personalised coaching through our Realise health plans. When you have a clearer understanding of your health and support with ways to improve it, you can be ready to take on anything.

Good health for your team, through smarter products

Our health store, ActivePlus brings together products and discounts that give your people the power to achieve good health.

It offers a huge variety of the smartest health products on the market. Whether that's the latest blood marker testing that gives tailored health advice, or the wearable with the same specification as the market leader at a fraction of the price. In addition, AXA PPP healthcare members receive discounts across all products available on ActivePlus, making good health for your people more achievable than ever.

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Our Small Business Insights hub is your source of information from healthcare and employee engagement experts, to entrepreneurs and business advisors, offering you support and valuable advice to help your team and business thrive.

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