Start the day an hour later and get your team off to a Flying Start

Employees who start the day being active enjoy lower stress levels, are better decision makers, have more energy, and most importantly, are happier. Despite this less than half of workers in the UK achieve their recommended levels of physical activity.1

On Wednesday 25 September we’re excited to be doing something about it. That’s why we’re encouraging the nation to get active before work or at the office, collectively getting National Fitness Day off to a Flying Start!

Setting active goals
Find out more about how you can kick-start a new fitness habit with these top tips from Professor Greg Whyte OBE, Olympian and expert of his field.

Why not workout with Shona Vertue?
Shona Vertue is a personal trainer, yoga teacher and creator of the Vertue Method, which combines weighted resistance training and cardio with yoga and meditation. Shona created these exclusive HIIT, yoga and glute workouts, so why not give them a go?


What about trying a #Headstrong workout? 
Founder of The Strength Temple, Richie Norton has created a holistic and individualised approach to health, strength and wellbeing. Try these exercises to nourish your mind and optimise physical function.


How you can get the day off to a Flying Start
There’s so much you and your employees could do to kick-start the day. Click the icons below to download the factsheet for inspiration. NFD Icons Website 750x421.png