Problems with my penis

I have three problems of penis. 1st on my penis head pearly penile papules and 2nd is sex time just in seconds ..penis size is small.plz suggest me some homeopathy medicine ....thanks

14 June 2015

White pearly papules on the penis are not uncommon and are often found in small rows, resembling a string of pearls, under the foreskin. They cause no pain or irritation and have no reflection on your personal hygiene. Whilst it may be wise to have these papules checked by a professional such as your GP or at a GUM (Genito-Urinary Medicine) clinic, they generally have no connection with sexually transmitted infections and are usually harmless.  However, it is advisable not to pick these pustules as this may, indeed, lead to infection and possible scarring.  Safe removal of these papules is possible by laser, if deemed unsightly or affecting your sexual confidence but this is purely cosmetic and by no means essential.

Concern over the size of the penis is another common concern in men. This may be a cause of low self-confidence and anxiety over the ability to perform sexually. The size and angle of a man’s penis varies enormously but it would only be considered small if it measured less than 3 inches from base to opening tip when fully erect.  Counselling is sometimes beneficial for men with concerns about the size of their penis.

Premature ejaculation is the most common ejaculatory problem faced by men and is thought to affect at least 1:3 men.  It can lead to feelings of shame and frustration, leading individuals to avoid sexual intimacy.  Possible causes include stress, relationship problems anxiety over erectile dysfunction, previous traumatic experiences, depression, medical conditions such as Diabetes and MS or simply biological make up. Sexual intercourse has no definitive time frame but, if ejaculation is occurring after a matter of seconds on most occasions, it may be advisable to seek medical help. Treatment available for premature ejaculation is dependant on the underlying cause.  This make take the form of counselling, sexual behavioural therapy or anti-depressant type medication to help delay ejaculation.  If the problem is caused by another medication, as simple change may alleviate the problem. Homeopathic treatments usually address the underlying issues causing the problem itself and will be dependent upon these.

I hope you find this useful.


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