I have Lipoma (fatty lumps) in my stomach

I have Lipoma (fatty lumps) mainly in my stomach my GP has confirmed this. I get minor discomfort in my stomach for hours not days. Is it possible that the Lipoma would cause this as it is growing?

11 December 2014

Lipomas lie within the subcutaneous fat layer below the skin. The lumps would have to reach a significant size to impact on the internal body systems. The discomfort would also be constant if it was caused by a persistent compression.

It is normal for us to have intermittent discomfort in the bowel area. As the waste passes through us it can become uncomfortable at times. However, acute pain, blood in the faeces or any visible changes to the body should be investigated.

You will need to monitor your discomfort, and if it shows no improvement have another chat with your GP.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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