Health check MOT full body information

How and where can I arrange and book one of these health check mots, my location is Shifnal, Shropshire. Ideally a cost would be good too as I do not have private medical insurance.

8 October 2013

A health check MOT is something that can be done for free at your normal NHS doctor’s surgery. You simply book a normal appointment with the nurse or doctor. It usually includes some questions about your own health, lifestyle and family history. You will have your blood pressure checked, along with your height and weight so your BMI can be calculated. You will also have a routine blood test to check your cholesterol level, kidney and liver functions, and a test to look for diabetes and prostate cancer (if necessary). You may also have your urine checked.

Depending on what is found, some patients may be sent for further tests such as an ECG (a heart tracing). The doctor or nurse will be able to offer advice if you need to make changes to your lifestyle (such as losing weight or stopping smoking). They will also be able to offer help and support to make those changes if needed.

Answered by Dr Emmajane Down


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