Where can I get a private blood tests near me?

There was a TV series called Food Hospital or a title to that effect. Every participant had blood tests to see whether they were deficient in any nutrients. Where can one get a really comprehensive blood test such as this? I don't trust the postal packs on offer.

1 March 2015

To have the kind of blood tests you discuss you would need to contact a laboratory. As you mention, most offer a postal service, however you may be able to contact them directly.

Some private hospitals will do in-depth blood tests, but they require you to have been seen by the dietician. You might like to try contacting your local private hospital and ask if they have an option for phlebotomy only appointments using self-referral.

We hope this helps, in the meantime;

  • Eating a balanced diet will ensure you have the vitamins you need.
  • A deficiency will usually have symptoms that become apparent so action can be taken.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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