Are raspberry ketons safe to use?

I am a bit concerned about my weight as last year I gained a lot since I started the Nexplanon.

I want to loose some pounds and I have heard about a product called Raspberry ketones that claims to be natural and help controlling weight issues with a balanced diet.

As it stated to be safe and to be innocuous I started taking some and to be fair I haven't had any bad symtoms in my body but I am a bit concerned about some side effects as after 8 months of having no periods (I am using Nexplanon) I started with my periods again. I know this might no be related as periods with implanon are very irregular.

My question is if this raspberry ketons are safe to use (I want to loose weight but I do not want to put my health on risk) and if so does it have any affect on Nexplanon?

22 April 2014

There is currently no evidence that raspberry ketones are safe. I would not recommend that you use it and I would actually recommend that you stop using it immediately.

There has been no testing to check if it is safe or if it can interact with other medications such as Nexplanon. If you are unable to lose weight by changing your diet and exercise regime, you could talk to your doctor about a weight loss medication.

Answered by Dr Emmajane Down.


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