Anything I eat makes me pass wind.

It is very embarrassing but it seems that anything I eat makes me pass smelly wind, please I need help?

7 December 2011

The ‘friendly bacteria’ in our gut produce gas as they digest food. Most of this doesn’t smell, but the unpleasant smell of wind comes from tiny amounts of sulphur. As long as you don’t have other symptoms, such as abdominal pain, loss of weight or appetite, diarrhoea, feeling tired/unwell in yourself or bleeding from the bowels, it’s unlikely to be due to a serious cause. Foods that can increase wind include pulses, beans and lentils, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and onions, so cutting these out of your diet may help a lot. Don’t forget to replace them with other sources of fruit and vegetables. Charcoal tablets or biscuits (available from pharmacies or health food stores) may also help.

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