Full medical check up information

Could you please advise on what is the best way to go about arranging a full medical check up?

9 December 2013

Your GP would be able to offer this type of service. In fact GPs are very keen to see people over the age of 40 to check for high blood pressure, diabetes and other risk factors for diseases such as smoking. You can discuss with your GP your own risk factors for conditions such as heart disease and prostate cancer.

Your GP can check your blood pressure, ECG (heart tracing) and BMI (weight and height). The GP can also offer blood tests to check for diabetes, prostate cancer, kidney/liver function and many others conditions, depending on your health. More detailed tests would be arranged if any abnormalities were found.

The NHS offers bowel cancer screening for everybody between the age of 60-69 and a free sight test for those over the age of 60. If you have private health insurance, you may be eligible for a routine check-up but you would need to check your insurance policy.

Answered by Dr Emmajane Down.


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