Hyperflexible knee syndrome

My grandson has hyperflexible knee syndrome. He has been to see a specialist, who gave exercises but didn't mention the possibility of using supports or knee braces. I wish I'd asked at the time of the appointment but I didn't think of it until later. Knee supports and braces are available from for example, but they won't recommend anything for his condition - their advice is to see a doctor. The waiting list for the GP is 3 weeks and then the waiting time for the appointment with the specialist was nearly a year. Are you able to give advice about supports or braces? He is 11 years old and frequently complains of pain in both knees, and is often unable to do sports at school.

28 February 2016

Supports and braces are not normally used for joint hypermobility syndromes unless there is an injury or stability issue or dislocation. The primary treatment is staying healthy, prompt treatment of injury, pain management and physiotherapy to build up supporting muscles.

The only person who can advise on need for support would be the examining doctor and the physiotherapist would fit the support if needed. If there is a stability issue with your grandson’s knees we would suggest follow up with his GP. Joint pain is not uncommon, especially after exercise, and building up surrounding muscles has been shown to help with this. If your GP has not referred your grandson to physiotherapy then we would suggest you discuss this.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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