Modic type 2 in my 4th lumbar vertebra.

An MRI scan shows Modic type 2 in my 4th lumbar vertebra. My physio says exercise, the internet says this is the one back ailment that doesn't benefit from exercise - in fact it could make it worse. I am confused!

My doctor is dismissive - although she admits to having chronic back pain and is seeing a chiropractor (which my GP practice will not support!). Even more confused. Is this going to degenerate to Type 1 or 3 and what can I do to manage it?

12 February 2015

Modic change types can progress to a different type but whether this will definitely happen to you is impossible to tell.

Generally, modic changes will not be relieved as other types of back pain would with physiotherapy, however, exercise and maintaining good back health will benefit you regardless. Chiropractic treatment for the type of modic changes you have will not improve the condition but may help you to manage your pain.

This is a very specialised area of health and therefore a consultant specialising in spinal health would be able to give you further more detailed, management information.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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