Irrational thinking and anxiety

What exercises and tools can be used for irrational thinking and anxiety? If this happens please let me know what I can do to overcome this fear inside?

16 January 2017

You may find a course of mindfulness useful as it helps to clear the mind instead of letting it run fee, this helps to identify irrational thoughts and you can then make sure you do not think about them in the future, there are on line mindfulness courses available.

Another helpful thing is affirmations these are thoughts you can you to replace the irrational thoughts, just repeating them out loud or in your head it will almost become a habit and your thought will often default back to your affirmation.

Relaxation can help anxiety symptoms, there are quite a number of guided relaxation CD & downloads available.

If the symptoms do not improve a course of therapy/counselling may be helpful your GP would be able to refer you for this.

You may find these websites useful:


No panic



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