I noticed a small bruise on my breast

I noticed a small bruise on my breast around a week ago, close to the nipple. It is not tender to touch and I don't recall any reason for it (I didn't bump into anything etc).

I am starting to get concerned and last night I was examining my breasts when I felt what I thought was a small hard lump inside of my breast (not visible externally) and not very easy to locate or large in size. Should I be concerned? I have a large family history of cancer, therefore I am worried that I am just being paranoid and will be wasting the GP's time if I go there.

3 March 2014

I’m sorry to hear about your concerns, whilst bruising in itself is unlikely to indicate breast cancer any changes noted in the breast tissue are always worth checking with your doctor.

Breast lumps in women are not uncommon and quite usually are benign, causes can be blocked ducts or benign cysts commonly found in breast tissue. Given your family history it would seem prudent to ask your Gp for an opinion and would certainly not be viewed as a waste of time.

I do hope this helps, all the best with your consultation and well done for being proactive with your health.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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