I have had hoarse voice thickness in my throat.

I have had hoarse voice thickness in throat bad taste when I cough feeling of fullness in throat when swallowing but not difficulty, blood pressure problems HIGH BP , GP has sent me for loads of tests and scans apart from the thyroid, I am now due to go for gastroscopy tomorrow, would this show thyroid problems as well as it bypasses the throat, i'm getting quite frustrated now and worried.

18 March 2013

The symptoms you describe could fit with an underactive thyroid gland but the bad taste in the mouth, cough and fullness in the throat could also fit with gastrointestinal acid reflux. The thyroid gland is located in the lower aspect of the neck and can become enlarged when it is not functioning properly - the medical term for this is a thyroid 'goitre'. A hoarse voice, weight gain, tiredness, skin changes, sluggish bowels, depression and blood pressure problems are also seen in hypothyroidism although you do not need to have all of these to raise suspicion. Stomach problems are less likely to be directly related to an underactive thyroid gland and although a gastroscopy will help shed light on gastric acid reflux it would not be able to give information about the thyroid gland. A thyroid blood test is a key investigation to detect thyroid dysfunction. If you have noticed enlargement of the thyroid or have detected any unusual lumps in this area it is important that you have further medical investigation of your thyroid gland.

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