Glasses with astigmatism correction

I was recently given an eye exam for new glasses. The prescription has corrective measurements for antigmatism. Would this corrections affect my ability to read properly? I can read but the ltters are not focused properly. Is this because of the astigmatism correction in the prescription? If so will it correct the longer I wear the glasses with astigmatism correction in them?

16 February 2016

We're sorry to hear that you are having this problem. If you were able to read properly without glasses prior to wearing the corrective lenses for your astigmatism then it is possible the prescription you have been given may need a review as to the strength of the lens and the current effect on your near vision. If, however, you were using glasses to improve your near vision previously then possibly this element of the prescription might need revisiting.

Overall given the problems you are having it would seem prudent to see your optician again and explain what is happening in order that they can make any necessary adjustments.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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