The future of healthcare technology

18 October 2018

Right now in 2015 there are approximately 7.2 billion people on our planet. With people living longer than ever before, at some point we will all encounter a health related problem in our lifetime.

Luckily, the ever evolving health technology sector is on hand to provide us with better prevention and recovery than ever. By 2020, the healthcare industry is set to see a 21% increase in IT jobs as the demand for high-tech solutions to our health problems grow. The increase in healthcare technology is already visible, for instance there are currently 19 million people keeping track of their fitness using wearable tech. Surgeons have access to incredible new instruments and tools, and advances in biomedical science are progressing every day with, for example, developments in stem cell research meaning we may one day be able to grow entire new organs for transplant.

Further into the future, as the world’s population grows even higher, the benefits of healthcare technology will become even more apparent as even greater intelligent solutions are developed to treat us.

Will robots perform our surgeries? Will augmented reality applications help keep us fit? Early signs point to yes as people the world over already begin to benefit from cutting edge medical treatments.

Watch the video to find out more about the future of how health technology will come to impact your life in the years to come.