iTriage general health app

19 October 2018

This health app is aimed at providing users with information about conditions that could be linked to symptoms that they may be experiencing. Users can type their symptom into the search box and this will lead to a list of possible conditions. They can also just browse the pages to find information about a particular medical condition, all of which is set out in a clear and concise flow format.

The symptom checker also gives the option of clicking on a picture of the human body (named Avatar) to help you find quick information about the particular body region in question, although this will lead to a long list of possible medical conditions which may have nothing to do with the problem.

The symptoms and condition information appears to be comprehensive and contains information regarding a whole host of health concerns including cancer symptoms as well as more general health concerns. It is clear and concise about the conditions and possible treatments. There are sections on medications and treatments, hotlines to organizations for a variety of medical conditions and information as to where the nearest hospital and clinics are.

This app appears to have been initially set up for the North American user in terms of providing information on local services (information is missing in parts for UK users e.g. nearest specialist or clinic or pharmacy), although it does provide information on nearest hospitals.

Summary: Overall, this is a useful medical app which can provide the user with a comprehensive list of accurate short summaries of conditions that 'may' be related to the symptoms that they are experiencing. A major drawback is that symptoms on their own are not enough to be able to produce an accurate diagnosis. Clinical judgment is essential so users should treat this tool as a guide only and not as a substitute for proper medical consultation.

iTriage general health app RATING: 4/5

Dr Alasdair Wright