Diabetes apps

27 April 2014

There are numerous apps for smartphones and other devices that can help you keep your diabetes in check. 

Managing diabetes requires time, memory and calculations. There can be carbohydrates to count, medication doses to calculate and blood glucose levels to track.

Applications or "apps" can help you with nutrition advice, carb counting, tracking blood glucose levels, medication alerts and managing children with diabetes.

Many apps are free, and some offer both paid and free versions. Paid options may offer more, but you might find what you need in a free app.

Some people may find that these help make diabetes management easier, while others feel that the currently available apps don't provide enough functionality to make them worthwhile.

Here are some which might be of interest for managing your diabetes:

1. App name: Monster Manor

What is it?

Monster Manor is a free game that helps families of children with type 1 diabetes stay on top of their blood glucose monitoring.

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2. App name:  Diabetes UK Tracker

What is it?

This app has been produced by Diabetes UK. It enables people with diabetes to track their blood glucose levels. It is available free from iTunes and is compatible with Apple products iOS4.2 or later.

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3. App name: i BGStar mmol/l

What is it?

Sanofi is launching two new blood glucose meters which connect to iPhone and iPod touch.

The iBGStar mmol/l diabetes manager app is available free to download from iTunes. Any stored data will be automatically transferred from the blood glucose meter to the app once the iBGStar is connected to an Apple iPhone or iPod touch.

The app allows users and their healthcare professional to analyse trends and variations.

Test strips for the iBGStar are available on NHS prescription from the GP for those with Type 1 diabetes and some people with Type 2 diabetes depending on the medications used.

Both the BGStar and iBGStar will work with BGStar blood glucose test strips, and BGStar strips and lancets are now available via NHS prescription.

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4. App name: Type 1 diabetes friend: alcohol guide

What is it?

This app has been produced based on ideas and suggestions provided by young people with type 1 diabetes aged between 18 and 21, during qualitative interviews.

It has been developed in collaboration with the Poole Hospital Diabetes Centre in the UK for use by their patients.

It is designed to help people with type 1 diabetes keep safe when drinking alcohol. It also informs users how alcohol can affect the body.

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5. App name: Carbs & Cals app

What is it?

This app is also available as a book. It displays a picture to demonstrate portion size of meals and individual food items. It provides the carbohydrate content of that meal/food. This allows a person to calculate how much insulin they will need for that meal. It also enables an individual to create a food diary.

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Alternatively, the following UK diabetic websites provide more information about apps and how to download them to your smartphone or device: