SpotCheck2 mole checker app

20 October 2013


This app is mainly aimed at USA phone users rather than the UK. The idea is that individuals can photograph a mole on their skin and send it along with other information to have the picture checked within a few days by a dermatologist who will then give recommendations.

The concept is a good one in that it is aimed at providing a fast response to queries regarding skin lesions. One concern is that a picture is never as good as actually seeing the patient in person, although this app does also attempt to put patients in touch with a dermatologist by giving them the contact details of the nearest clinics (USA only at the present time).

With this app there are a few picture examples of cancerous moles and other skin lesions but this is far from comprehensive. It would have been more useful to have a section on 'signs and symptoms of skin cancer' to look out for which might indicate that a mole could be something of more sinister origin.

Summary: If this app were to be developed further it could be a helpful dermatological tool but in its current form it does not appear to be particularly beneficial to the UK user.

SpotCheck2 mole checker app RATING: 2/5 (mainly for the US market)

Dr Alasdair Wright