Cancer CashCover

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    • A cancer diagnosis can cost you more than your health. Travel for treatment, additional childcare costs, extra help around the home – these are all increased costs a cancer sufferer can face, at a time when income can also fall.

      A survey from Macmillan found that 4 out of 5 people are on average £570 worse off each month as a result of a cancer diagnosis.*

      Cancer CashCover is a simple, affordable way to help and support you and your family financially if you’re diagnosed with cancer.

      • Cash – tax-free cash payment on first diagnosis of cancer – yours to use as you want.
      • Care - Dedicated Cancer Nurses at the end of the phone, 24/7, to listen and help.
      • Cover - access to licensed cancer drugs when they are not available to you on the NHS
      • No medical exams up-front
      • Hospital overnight cash benefit of up to £200 per night
      • Chemo/radiotherapy benefit of up to £200 per night
      • Partner/parent lodging benefit of up to £100 per night
      • First month FREE
      • Children under 18 covered FREE

      Find out more about what is and isn't covered  by our Cancer CashCover plan.

      *Research by Macmillan Cancer Support, Cancer's Hidden Price Tag (2013).

    • Dedicated Cancer Nurses

      Cancer CashCover also offers telephone help and support from our Dedicated Cancer Nurses.

      ‘I had my dedicated nurse just a call away. I am sure the way I was treated helped me to a full recovery. Thank you everyone.’
      Mrs Hodgins, Hertfordshire

      ‘I would like to say my AXA PPP nurse has always been very helpful and understanding and it is like talking to a friend. Thank you.’
      Mrs Tappenden, Essex

    • Call us on 0800 678 3053* or get a quote online

    • Find out more about cover for diagnosis and treatment with our private health insurance product.

      Lines are open 9am to 8pm weekdays. We may record and/or monitor calls for quality assurance, training and as a record of our conversation.

    • Want cover for diagnosis and treatment too?

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      Private health insurance

      • Covers a variety of medical conditions
      • Speedy access to diagnosis
      • Choice of hospital and specialists
      • Enhanced heart and cancer cover and care