Annual Travel Insurance

Making a claim

    • The travel policy is predominantly pay and claim. We’d expect you to pay for any treatment needed and claim on your return to the UK. Please keep:

      • Any accounts or bills showing treatment received and receipt of payments
      • Proof of travel dates for the claim.

      If, however, you are admitted as an in-patient, then our Emergency Medical Assistance Service (IEMAS) will assist you. They are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on
      +44 (0)1892 513999.

      How to claim medical expenses and associated costs

      At AXA PPP healthcare we try to make claiming as simple as possible.

      1. Step One

        Upon your return to the UK, download the claim form:

        pdfTravel claim form 

        Alternatively, you can request a paper claim form from the AXA PPP healthcare Travel Claims helpline. To do so, call 0345 602 0303 and choose option 2.

        Please note your travel policy only covers medical expenses and associated costs incurred whilst overseas. We may record and/or monitor calls for quality assurance, training and as a record of our conversation.

      2. Step Two

        Complete the claim form in full and submit within 31 days of your return to the UK (unless this is not reasonably possible).

        • Ensure all the necessary information is enclosed relevant to your claim.
        • Include the original accounts or bills and receipt of payment and proof of travel, such as a booking invoice or airline tickets.

        If we don’t receive these with your form, your claim could be delayed. Scan your completed form and upload it here.

        Alternatively, you can send in the completed claim form and documentation to:

        AXA PPP healthcare Travel,
        PO Box 400,
        Tunbridge Wells,
        TN1 2WJ.

      3. Step Three

        Your claim will be assessed by one of our Personal Advisers within 5 working days, and all eligible payments will be made.

        AXA PPP healthcare Travel Claims Department will send you a claims benefit statement confirming the amount of benefit paid for each claim.

      How to make a non-medical claim

      Call +44 (0)345 602 0303 and choose option 1.

      You will then speak to a Personal Advisor who will talk you through the claims process and send a claim form to you in the post.

    • Your plan documents

      If you join or renew after 1st October 2017


      pdfImportant changes leaflet

      If you join or renew before 1st October 2017


      pdfImportant changes leaflet

    • International Emergency Medical Assistance Service (IEMAS)

      One phone call to our International Emergency Medical Assistance Service from anywhere in the world can bring urgent help and medical advice to anyone covered by one of our travel policies.

      In most cases, we will be able to give you immediate advice. We can also put you in touch with an English-speaking doctor who can help to arrange treatment and ensure that everything is being done to help.

      If necessary, we can help evacuate a patient to a suitable hospital for treatment or bring them back home if medically necessary.

      Contacting us within 24 hours

      If anyone covered by this policy is admitted to hospital while abroad, it is very important that you try to contact us within 24 hours. There are a couple of very important reasons why we ask you to do this.

      As well as giving you the reassurance of knowing that we’re there to help, it means we can provide information or translation needed by the hospital. And it also means that we can assess any claims for medical expenses over £1,000 as soon as possible, avoiding any unnecessary costs to you.

      We understand that contacting us within 24 hours can be difficult. If you’re travelling alone and cannot make a call to us, please ask someone from the hospital to call with your details.

      Non-emergency treatment

      If you, or someone else covered by this plan, decide to cut short your trip and return home for medical treatment or for an operation that doesn't involve an emergency admission to hospital, your plan does not cover the cost of returning home.

    • Frequently asked questions about making a claim

      What if I have to cancel my trip because of illness?

      Just ask your doctor to complete and sign the medical certificate included in our cancellation claim form. You’ll need to send this to us along with your booking invoice, receipt and cancellation invoice.

      What if injury or illness prevents me returning home as planned?

      Ask the doctor who is treating you to give you written confirmation that you’re unfit to travel at the scheduled time.

      What should I do if my baggage is lost, stolen, damaged or delayed?
      • If you lose your baggage or it is stolen: report this to the police immediately and ask them for a police report.
      • If your baggage is lost or damaged while being carried by an airline, railway, coach or ship: report this in writing to the carrier as soon as possible (at least within three days). Ask them for a report of the loss or damage. Keep your travel and baggage tickets and any correspondence you send or receive.
      • If your baggage is damaged: please get an estimate for the repair. If it can't be repaired, get a letter noting this from the repairer. You should also keep the damaged baggage if possible. If you need to claim for damaged or lost items we will need receipts showing the price and date of purchase.
      • If your baggage is delayed for more than 12 hours: please get written confirmation of this from the carrier. You will also need receipts to support your claim for any emergency purchases you have to make.
      What if I lose my passport or have it stolen?

      If you lose or have your passport stolen, you must report it to the police immediately. Ask the police for a report of your loss so that you have some evidence when you make a claim.

      If getting a replacement passport causes you extra costs, such as for extra travel, unplanned accommodation or replacement charges, be sure to keep all your receipts.

      What if I lose my money or have it stolen?

      If you lose your money or have it stolen, you must report it to the police immediately – certainly within 24 hours of discovering the loss. Ask the police for a report of your loss so that you have some evidence when you make a claim.

      What if I miss my plane, train, coach or ferry because of a transport breakdown?

      If your transport breaks down, you should make every effort to reach the point of departure or return to the UK on time. Should you still miss your flight, train, coach, ship, ferry or cross-channel train, get a receipt for any alternative transport you have to take to reach your destination.

      If the breakdown is on public transport, please ask the transport provider to provide written confirmation of the reason for the breakdown.

      What if I accidentally injure someone outside my immediate family and they wish to seek compensation?

      Make sure you get the name and address of the person that’s injured. We will need those details and a full description of the injuries suffered, and the circumstances of the accident, including how, when and where it occurred.

      Do I have an excess on my policy?

      Yes there is a mandatory £50 excess on the Travel insurance. This is per person, per claim. This will be deducted before your claim is settled, unless otherwise paid.

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