Corporate moratorium

Corporate - flat 2 year moratorium

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      A moratorium is the period of time when we can’t cover any condition you had before you joined us.

      This means that in the first two years of your membership, we won’t cover pre-existing conditions including:

      • symptoms of conditions that have not yet been diagnosed and
      • the recurrence of past conditions or symptoms.

      After two continuous years

      Pre-existing conditions will be covered after two years continuous cover, within the rules and benefits of your plan.

      How it works

      Ben's back

      Ben suffers with a back problem, has been on his company health plan for three years and calls to make a claim. Even though the condition is pre-existing, the flat two year moratorium period has now expired and Ben’s claim is covered in line with the rules and benefits of the plan.

      Ben explaination
    • Definitions

      Pre-existing conditions

      A pre-existing condition is any disease, illness or injury that:

      • you have received medication, advice or treatment for in the five years before the start of your cover, or
      • you have experienced symptoms of in the five years before the start of your cover: whether or not the condition was diagnosed

      Trouble free

      Trouble-free means that you have not done any of the following for the medical condition you need treatment for:

      • had a medical opinion from a medical practitioner, including a GP or specialist
      • taken medication (including over-the-counter drugs)
      • followed a special diet
      • had medical treatment
      • visited a practitioner, physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor, homeopath, acupuncturist, optician or dentist