All you need to know about your membership

Written Explanations

    • If you’re struggling to understand what a simplified declaration is, or unsure how your excess works with an out-patient limit, then you’re probably not alone. To help you make sense of some of the terminology we use, we’ve created some videos and written explanations.

      • Individual Moratorium

        5:2:2 Specified

        This means that in the first two years of your membership we won’t cover pre-existing conditions. It also means, if you have pre-existing diabetes, raised blood pressure or abnormal PSA results, there are some conditions we won't cover until you have been trouble free for two continuous years or more.

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        • 5:2:1 Rolling Moratorium

          5:2:1 Rolling moratorium

          This means that in the first two years of your membership, we won’t cover pre-existing conditions. However, after two years, we'll be able to consider claims for pre-existing conditions if you have been trouble free for at least one year.

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        • Excess vs out-patient

          Excess and outpatient

          If you have an excess on your plan it will apply to each person on the plan when they make a claim.

          You may also have an out-patient allowance.

          Although these are separate benefits, you may end up using both at the same time depending on the type of treatment we're billed for first.

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        • Flat 2 year promo

          Simplified declaration

          If you switch to an AXA PPP healthcare plan or leave your company paid plan for an individual one, we'll ask you two questions known as a 'simplified declaration' so we can give you a fair and accurate price.

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