All you need to know about your membership

Reasons to renew

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      Thank you for trusting us with your health cover.

      We’re here to help you take better care of your health today and tomorrow and your membership is a responsibility we never take for granted.

      • Have your treatment in comfort

        Enjoy your own room in a private hospital with an en-suite bathroom, TV, wifi that’s usually free, tasty and nourishing food, and free parking for you and your visitors.

        This video explains the features and comforts of a typical room at a private hospital and the one-to-one care you can expect from your nurse.




      • See a specialist with the experience you need

        With over 24,000 specialists and other practitioners to choose from, you’ll always be sure of getting the experience and expertise you need.

      • Speedy access to an appropriate specialist

        We’ll get you to the appropriate specialist and eligible treatment quickly with our Fast Track Appointments service.

      • Choose an appointment time that suits you

        Our Fast Track Appointments service will book a convenient appointment for you the moment you need to see a specialist.

      • Get 24/7 health information you know you can trust

        Call our nurses and medical experts whenever something’s on your mind.Check out our online health centres for expert information, facts and tips.

      • Get 24/7 phone support from dedicated heart and cancer nurses

        Practical and emotional support for you and your family from nurses who understand just what a heart or cancer diagnosis means.

      • Get access to the latest licensed drugs and proven treatment

        Includes some drugs and treatment not yet available on the NHS.*

      • Stay in touch or make a claim on the move

        Log in to our online servicing site to get in touch, check your cover or make a claim.

      • Save as you stay healthy

        Enjoy 25% off health checks and discounted gym membership. You can view our discounts via our online servicing site.

      • Save on your health, fitness and lifestyle shopping

        Earn loyalty points when you shop at ActivePlus for discounted health, fitness and lifestyle products.

      *Please note that out-patient drugs are not covered on individual plans.