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      We offer a quick, convenient and secure way to access useful information about your membership online, and it's called Member Online. Click the link below to register or log in to find your membership details all in one place.

      If you are an international member please visit the
      AXA PPP International website.

      To speak to one of our Personal Advisers call us on:
      0800 132 203. Lines are open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm Saturdays and Bank Holidays.

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            • Where does your subscription go?

              We’ve been supporting our members since 1940. We made it our place to help them then and have been doing it ever since. We can only do this thanks to the subscriptions we receive which is why we like to be open about how we put them to work.

              So we’ve broken them down to make it clear and simple.

              pdfHow your subscription is used infographic

            • Help me get better

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              Health is our most precious asset. Protecting it today helps safeguard it for tomorrow. These are just some of the healthcare services we can offer to help take care of you.

            • Support me when I need it

              Support me when I need it icon

              When it comes to our health, it’s good to know where to turn for help and guidance. These are just some of the many ways we can be there for you and your family.

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              Member Offers

              As an AXA PPP healthcare member, enjoy special discounts and offers on other AXA products, health assessments and gym membership.

            • MyHealth app

              Pre-authorise a claim, find a provider and access our Better health content.

            • Let us know what you think

              We hope you never need to raise concerns about our service or your membership. However, if you have any feedback we’ll always listen and do our best to resolve things for you.

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              Reasons to renew your membership

              10 reasons to renew your healthcare membership with us.

            • Sense checkers

              Are you in a muddle with your moratorium, or confused by ‘chronic’ conditions? You’re not the only one. Although we can’t change some of our tricky terminology, we want to explain it in better ways. We’ve created a few videos to help you tackle some of those topics and put them into context.

            • Thinking of leaving us?

              We’re always here to help you make the most of your membership and we hope that you’re happy with the benefits it provides. To remind you of some of these benefits, we’ve put together our top 10 reasons to renew. However, if for any reason you still want to leave us, you can

              • Call one of our friendly Personal Advisers on 0800 454 080 between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday or 9am and 5pm Saturdays and Bank Holidays. Simply tell them you’d like to cancel your membership. (We may record and/or monitor calls for quality assurance, training and as a record of our conversation.)

              Unfortunately, we can’t cancel your membership over email.