Making a claim

    • We want to make claiming as easy as possible for you so we’ve removed the hassle with our Fast Track Appointments service. By following the simple steps below you can rest assured we’ll be working hard to get you back to health quickly.

      If however, you are suffering with bone, joint or muscle pain, you can use the Working Body service without the need to see a GP first. To gain expert telephone advice from a fully qualified physiotherapist speak to a Personal Advisor now on 0800 132 203.

    • A guide to Fast Track Appointments and how to claim

      Ask for an open referral from your GP

      If your GP recommends that you see a specialist, let them know you’re with AXA PPP healthcare and ask for an ‘open referral’. This will enable you to use our Fast Track Appointments service as an open referral doesn’t name a specific specialist.

      Our Fast Track Appointments team can find you a specialist and book your appointment for you, at a time and place that’s convenient.

      Call us on 0800 132 203

      Once you’ve received your open referral, just give us a call. It’s important you call us before you see a specialist or have any treatment so we can tell you what you’re covered for.

      Top tip: take your membership number and pre-authorisation number with you to your specialist appointment.

      Relax and get better

      The most important thing is for you to get well. So after you’ve seen a specialist or had eligible treatment, we’ll arrange to pay them directly. That way all you have to think about is getting better.

    • This video provides a useful explanation on how to use our Fast Track Appointments service:

    • Questions that we're likely to ask

      Have you seen your GP?

      We need to know if you've seen your GP about your condition or symptoms, as we can only pay for treatment that has resulted from an initial referral from your GP (or an Accident and Emergency department).

      What are your symptoms?

      We’re likely to ask you about the condition and the symptoms you’re experiencing – for example, when you first noticed the condition or symptoms and whether you’ve experienced it before.

      Have you been referred to a specialist?

      If you’ve been referred to a particular specialist, we need to know the name of that specialist.

      If your GP has referred you to a specialist but hasn’t specified a particular person, ask your GP what type of specialist you need to see. You can then use our Fast Track Appointment team to find a suitable specialist for you, meaning you could see the right specialist within just a few days.

      What type of treatment have you been referred for?

      We need to know details of the treatment – for example, whether it’s a consultation, diagnostic tests, scans, or physiotherapy.

      Where are you having your treatment?

      We need to know the name of the hospital or facility where you’re planning to have your treatment.

      Find a hospital near you

      When are you planning to have your treatment?

      We need to know the date of when you’re planning to have your treatment.

      Have you been given a procedure code?

      If you’re having a procedure or operation, your specialist will give you a unique procedure code. You can find details of how much we will pay specialists, anaesthetists, and others who might treat you such as physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors in the schedule of procedures and fees.