Expert help, anytime of day

    • Health at Hand
      • Our Health at Hand telephone helpline is available to AXA PPP healthcare members around the clock, day or night.

        When you’ve got a health question, it’s good to know there’s someone to hand who can answer it. That’s where Health at Hand comes in. Ask us anything you like about your health. Discuss your symptoms with a nurse. Check your medication with a pharmacist. Talk to a counsellor about how you’re feeling. Speak to a midwife about your pregnancy.

        Whatever you need, our medical professionals are here to put your mind at ease – so you’re not worrying a minute more than you have to.

      • Some of the ways Health at Hand can help our members:

        • If it’s the middle of the night and your child’s temperature is going through the roof, we’ll help you work out whether you need to rush to A&E or not.
        • If your chesty cough is getting worse, we’ll help you work out whether you need a doctor or a dose of honey and lemon.
        • If you’ve received some medical test results you don’t understand, we’ll help you understand what they mean.

        Whatever shape or size your worry, whether you need reassurance, urgent support or help with living well every day, Health at Hand is here to help.

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