About us

    • We’re living through an era of rapid change. Where every advance in treatment or technology also brings uncertainty. AXA PPP healthcare is the partner you need for this new era.

      We’re using everything we’ve learned in over 75 years to bring you the future of employee health – today.

      We’re always asking: what more can we do to protect and care for our members? Because, no matter how much healthcare changes, one thing remains constant – the reason we exist.

      Below you'll find just some of the reasons why members choose to trust
      AXA PPP healthcare and what sets us apart from other healthcare providers.

      Who is AXA PPP healthcare?

      AXA PPP healthcare supports 1 in 22 people in the UK – either through private healthcare cover or our Employee Assistance Programme. We support over 37,000 small and medium businesses – each one different from the next, with their own concerns and priorities. AXA PPP healthcare is part of the AXA Group - globally, AXA protects over 107 million people in 64 countries.

      At AXA PPP healthcare, we’re using everything we’ve learned over 75 years to bring you the future of member health – today.

      Customer satisfaction

      Our members are at the heart of everything we do. We’re here to look after our members in their hour of need. When they’re confused, worried, or scared, we’re here to support them. Whether they need guidance, or treatment, or just someone to talk to, we’ll help – no matter how late it is or how long it takes. We’re always asking: what more can we do to protect and care for our members?

      We constantly gather and monitor feedback from our members to make sure what we are doing is right for them and to find ways to continuously improve their experience.

      Our latest awards

      We are continuously striving to build on our commitment to our members – through customer service, product quality and choice and our clinical expertise. Which is why we are delighted when independent bodies or organisations recognise this commitment through their respective awards programmes. Click below to see the latest awards we have been awarded.