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      Navigating your way around health insurance can be a minefield. Whether you are new to health insurance or have been advising on it for a while, we can help you. We have practical tools and guides to support you to give your clients the best possible advice.

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        We view our relationships with our intermediaries as a partnership. As one of the most well-established medical insurance providers in the UK you know you can rely and trust us. Whether you’re new to Private Medical Insurance or have worked in the industry for some time you can be assured that we’ll work with you to find a solution that really works for your business.

        Depending on your requirements we can offer a range of workable options to suit your business.

        To register to work with us please email us via the link below. We'll then get in touch to take you through registration. Once we’ve set up a Terms of Business Agreement with you we’ll also register you to receive our monthly newsletter, Amplify Extra.

      • How AXA PPP healthcare supports you and your business

        We view our relationships with our intermediaries as a partnership. That’s why we are keen to provide you with the level of support you need.

        Depending on your requirements we can offer a range of workable options to suit your business.

        pdf Download our guide to how we can make healthcare relevant for you and your clients

        Easy referrals

        If your focus is not private healthcare cover but you still want to offer it to your clients, then we have a simple referral process that means you can still earn an income from selling healthcare without needing to be an expert.

        Making selling healthcare simple

        Face-to-Face support

        Our Account Managers are there to support you when you need it. From product information, to business quotes and renewals they are there to answer any questions you or your clients might have.

        • A blend of face-to-face and telephone account management
        • Nationwide presence
        • If you’d like to arrange a face to face meeting you can always get in touch.
        Resources to support you

        We want to make selling healthcare cover as easy as possible for you which is why you’ll find a wealth of tools and resources on our Selling health cover pages but if you’re new to selling healthcare healthcare you may find the resources below a good starting point:

        AMII Customer Authorisation Form

        We have been pleased to have collaborated with The Association of Medical Insurers and Intermediaries (AMII) and other health insurers to produce a standardised customer authorisation form. It will enable clients to authorize the appointment of their adviser and/or the disclosure of their policy information to an adviser.

        pdfDownload your guide

        A guide to selling healthcare to small and medium businesses

        This guide also includes a two page flyer which you can print and give to your clients

        pdfDownload your guide

        Helping you in working smarter with health cover

        Download our guide on how we can help you work smarter with health cover.

        pdfDownload your guide

        Bristol Hub: Supporting SME Business

        Whether you’re new to healthcare or just haven’t sold it for a while the Bristol Hub has been created to make the process of placing your SME healthcare business with AXA PPP healthcare as simple and straight forward as possible.

        Combining a personal approach with healthcare expertise, our telephone based sales consultants are all experienced in private healthcare, and are on hand to provide SME quotes for your clients, provide you with support and information in relation to building a quote for your client, help you to ‘on-board’ your clients with AXA PPP healthcare and even help with the support material you need to build your clients reports. Working alongside the Regional Intermediary team to deliver a seamless service. Contact us on

        Bristol Hub

        Telephone: 0800 294 5650
        email :

      • When you’re ready to start selling healthcare register for Terms of Business with us and we’ll help you get started.