Travel Health Live Q&A - Aug' 15

Publish date: 20/08/2015

Travel Health Live Q&A with Jason Webb

Travel QA

Anonymous490 asked:
Can I use last years sun cream?

Jason Webb answered:
Hello Anonymous 490.  Yes you can use last year's sun cream as long it is in date.

AXA PPP healthcare asked:
Here is one from twitter: can you drink tap water in Portugal? What about Iceland?

AXA PPP healthcare commented:
Jason's Reply: Both countries adhere to the European  Union, European Drinking Water Directives (Iceland incorporates this into its water regulatory framework).   There has been a considerable improvement in the drinking water quality and safety of drinking water in  Portugal over the last few decades.  It is safe to drink water from taps in both Portugal and Iceland.

Jason Webb answered:
Hello (again?) Tap water in Portugal and Iceland is considered to be safe to drink as it meets the European Drinking Water Directive (this includes Iceland as well).  These countries adhere to the  relevant international organisations' requirements to provide safe, clean water to their populations.

AXA PPP healthcare asked:
Hi another from twitter: How do you stop your ears popping on an airplane?

Jason Webb answered:
Hello.  You can help stop your ears popping on an aeroplane by pretending to swallow - to equalise the pressure.  You could also suck a sweet (sugar free of course!) or a sip of water.


Nix asked:
Hi Jason, I am going to the South of France and  I usually wear factor 30 sunscreen. How ofter should I re-apply throughout the day?

Jason Webb answered:
Hello Nix.  It is recommended that you reapply  sunscreen atleast every two hours.  Water-resistant sunscreen should also be reapplied when you leave the water. Do check the manufacturer's guidance on the label for reapplication times also.


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