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Practical travel tips

Publish date: 01/05/2014

Practical travel tips

Many of these tips are common sense, but it is worth giving yourself a reminder.

- Investigate the risks associated with visiting a particular country.

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office provides up to date travel advice for over 200 countries. For contact details see our further resources section below.

If you are going to be travelling in remote areas or in uncertain local conditions you may need to register with the local British Embassy or alternatively you can register online using the Foreign & Commonwealth Office LOCATE service.

- Take two photocopies of all important documents. Keep one set with you & leave the other set at home with a friend or family member. These documents include:

  • Passport
  • Visa if applicable
  • Travel tickets and accommodation details
  • Credit card and bank details
  • Insurance documents
  • Driving licence if you intend to hire a car
  • Vaccination certificate

- Make a record of your travellers cheque numbers.

- Take a written record of any existing medical conditions including details of any medication you are currently taking.

- Check the expiry date of your passport. Some countries will not let you enter if your passport is in it's last year or is nearly full. Remember to complete the next of kin details page at the back of your passport.

- Check if the country you are visiting require an entry visa. Contact your travel agent or the embassy/high commission of the relevant country.

- Ensure your travel insurance is valid for the whole period of your trip and that it covers everyone that is travelling. Check that it covers any special requirements such as dangerous sports.

- Take extra funds in case of unexpected expenses.

- Ensure your driving licence is valid if you are intending to drive abroad. Some countries require an international driving permit in addition to your UK driving licence.

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