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Managing the unexpected

Publish date: 08/05/2014

Tags: Stress

For those people affected by air travel disruptions, feelings of anger, resentment, frustration and worry are not uncommon.

Whilst these emotions are entirely natural, it is important to recognise that it is within your control to alter your mindset and use the time you have in a positive way.

Below are some suggestions that can help you to do this:

  • Keep your mind and body active. This could mean taking regular walks, sharing books or magazines with those around you, playing games or exploring the local area. The idea is to keep busy and fill your day with activity to take your mind off any negative emotions you might be feeling.
  • Learn from those around you. Is there a person in your group who is staying positive whilst everyone else isn't? Why not speak to them and find out how they have developed that mindset. You could then try and adopt some of their techniques yourself.
  • Establish a healthy routine. As much as is possible, try to maintain a regular sleep routine. Getting enough rest is vital for your wellbeing and will help you stay positive. Additionally, try to eat a healthy balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables.


Developing a positive mindset, and remaining healthy can also become part of your preparations for arriving home.

It is likely that you will have some tasks to catch up on, so feeling rested, refreshed and healthy will help you to meet whatever challenges you face.

If you learn to respond positively in a situation like this, then you will have developed a useful life skill that you can transfer to any unexpected situations in the future.

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