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Martin asked...

What diet is recommended with diverticulitis?

Tags: Diet , Digestion

I have been diagnosed with diverticulitis, what diet is recommended not to aggravate the condition?

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The answer

We are sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with diverticulitis and hope you are not suffering too much.

Dietary management of your symptoms should be based on a high fibre diet. Doctors recommend between 18g and 30g per day, although your GP might recommend a more specific target based on your height and weight. A gradual introduction of this diet over a few weeks will help to prevent any side effects of bloating or flatulence. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids as well, as this will also help with these side effects.

A high fibre diet should include fresh and dried fruit, vegetables, legumes (such as baked beans, kidney beans and black beans), nuts, cereals and starchy foods such as brown rice, bread and pasta.

I hope this helps and that your symptoms improve.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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